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The Apprentice 2023

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1 minute ago, DrewDon said:

Bradley is just superb value.

Genuinely burst out laughing at the sheer earnestness of his "it's a massive, massive concern."

"Leave it with me" 

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Not a programme I normally watch but gave it ten minutes tonight. The contestants seem to have been picked to make Sugar look less of a w****r than he actually is. What a crowd of weird wallopers. 

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1 hour ago, Bert Raccoon said:

Your product, the packaging and the branding is utter shit

So we got a deal?

An absolute classic retort. Guy just stood there speechless.

Delighted Avi's gone and loved the toe curling cringe factor Tim gave when he called out his patronising tone in the board room.

Also, some episodes no amount of editing is saving; we all knew exactly how much they'd sold!

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On 23/02/2023 at 23:27, Scotty Tunbridge said:

Has there ever been an episode where it has been that obvious who is getting sacked after 10 minutes of the episode?

Well now there is two episodes in the same season. Bradley was so shit he didn’t even get a taxi scene.

Glad Avi is gone, Tim calling him out in the board room was a good *chefs kiss* 🤌 moment.

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Another episode where the winning team win by virtue of being less shite that the other! Its the delusion of the candidates that amazes me, Dani genuinely thinks her branding was amazing and what won the task, when it was clearly the fact they made a normal product inside the shite bottle! No one could even work out whether it was called Star or Start! 

As for venom?? Sex panther was my first thought when he started describing it and the bottle! 

The bit where the guy says, change the packet, change the change the bottle and change the product and Bradley still says how many do you want was a classic moment! 

Also glad Avi is gone, he was a condescending wee dick who was getting worse the longer he was in tho, genuinely believes his own hype. 

f**k knows who will actually win it, surely it can be another sweet shop/bakery! 

Another week the blonde scouser with the eyebrows sails through despite offering absolutely nothing to the task! 

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On 24/02/2023 at 09:47, The Minertaur said:

This has to be the worst group of candidates yet.  Nobody seems to have a clue really and in most other series Mark would have gone weeks ago.  Good riddance though as he was appalling :D

There must just be 1 candidate with an absolute dynamite business plan.  Sugar wants in so they need to make sure they win.    I'm not sure which of the candidates would have an interesting enough business plan based on their backgrounds below.


The final 5 will be:

Marnie, Megan, Simba, Victoria and Bradley.

Well 1 down :D

Utterly useless again last night.  It was just a shambles. I wish they'd have a season with actual competent people.

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Caught up with this last night. Probably the best episode that I've seen in years: a gloriously shit product in every single way and some absolutely brilliant reactions to it. 

Deserved firings, particularly given how cocksure Bradley was about his idea, only for it to be totally dogshit. Poundland Kim can count herself lucky to have held on, since she managed to make such a godawful product that stained skin despite her self-acclaimed expertise in this area. 

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Just caught up with this episode on iPlayer and it's clearly not a business talent show anymore (if it ever was). These shows always appeal to narcissists but previous series have always had one or two who seemed to have a genuine interest in building a business and had some talent.  I wouldn't trust this mob to run a hamster sanctuary. It's a parody show now and long past its use by date. 

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11 thousand sales to none must be one of the worst returns in apprentice history? 

The thing that annoyed me about it to begin with was that it was a fairly cool looking snake which was the main focal point but the product was called anti venom, should it not have just been called venom if you’re going to make it look like it was coming out of a snake?

Bradley was absolutely awful and was still trying to sell it despite the reactions he was getting basically saying they hated absolutely everything about it. Was incredible. 

Rochelle should have been sacked as well, she claims to work in that industry and totally hijacked the manufacturing of the product which turned the consumers skin green and then claimed she was just following orders.

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It's honestly hilarious how shite they are. Ever since it changed to an investment the reality is Sugar knows who's winning fairly early on regardless. But we usually have one or two who we expect to get to the final. I honestly can't say there is a single person who has been decent throughout. 

Of who's left, Simba, Marnie and Megan are the least annoying for me and I wouldn't be against any of them winning.

 Rochelle thinks she's gorgeous and fantastic and she's actually a bit of an arsehole and comes across as particularly useless. 

Victoria has been very impressive in as much as she has done absolutely f**k all throughout yet has come this far. 

Dani's accent is very irritating, she's useless as well and any time we get a side on look at her it makes me genuinely sad that lassies think that's a good look. She looks absolutely awful. 


Isn't Venom a drink btw? And a green coloured drink as well. I did wonder if they were told to change it to Anti-Venom for copyright issues? 

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