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The Apprentice 2023

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15 hours ago, ICTChris said:

People in Antigua clearly have too much money not to ask for refunds from that shite tour the male team put on. 

I wonder whether these customers are just bussed in for TV purposes. Who would even consider paying > $100 for an island tour by a group of guys who only arrived there yesterday.

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Definitely the wrong firing in terms in who actually lost that task. Good business plan unveiled already?

That said how the boys got away with that mess of a presentation is a miracle. Enjoyed the immature chuckling at "supporting Bradley's meat" though.

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Harsh sacking tonight. Hopefully a Lord Sugar hates Irish/N.Irish people in the Sun or Record this week.

The guy was right to drop price and atleast make something of the buns, why else do supermarkets reduce their stuff?

The pitiful negotiation with the suitcase man lost that task.


The girl chucking it was weird, was she just embarrassed she can’t count?

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I jad absolutely no idea that lassie left the boardroom until I came on here. I was watching it on my break and maybe looked away for that period but I can remember the very next scene. 


I think I might be losing it. 

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I'd have fired the PM solely on the basis of his haircut. 

The guy that went seemed a bit weak and probably would've been very easy for the rest to gang up on, but he wasn't to blame for losing the task. 

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