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The Apprentice 2023

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2 hours ago, TheScarf said:

The PT's working for free I think came across wrong.  What Marnie (I think) means is that they'll be self-employed.  She won't pay them a salary.  Which happens in a lot of gyms. Their clients pay them directly and are allowed to use the gym for training their clients.  The PT's obviously pay the gym for the use of it.

It's common practice in the fitness world. 

Yeah I couldn't quite get my head round all of the shock at this aspect? 

I thought that's how all PTs worked, charge client £35 an hour or whatever and they get that not the gym. 

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I punched the air in delight when the Scouse girl was told she'd underestimated her rent costs by £300k. She has contributed almost nothing the entire series and that was the firing confirmed right there and then. She did seem to get particularly destroyed by the panel, but given the excerpts shown it is fair to say that her plan was totally shite. She basically admitted she was rubbish at these sorts of things when challenged, which is never going to end well. Glad to see the back of her. 

Marnie will win this, despite it being pointed out there is lots of competition around her and even a boxing gym across the road. She's got a load of funding ready to go and is already in a good position on that basis. In all honesty, I don't think she actually needs to be on this show to do what she wants given her position, but she seems a fairly low risk bet.

The Kardashian tribute would probably be within a good shout if she dropped the Belgravia plan, which we will be kind and say was overly-ambitious (i.e. monumentally stupid) and had clearly been put down without serious thought because it sounds good. 

Very disappointed to see that Mike did not go and purchase domain names relevant to the proposed businesses this time around. Maybe, despite all evidence to the contrary, the candidates are actually starting to learn something. 

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Either it's being edited that way (very likely) or the interviewers are all out to out-Claude Claude. 


The interviews are always the best part of the show. "You say you're a Director of a multi million pound company but I called the Managing Director and he says you're a cleaner"

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Can you sign your non disclosure agreement?

Where do I sign?

It's your non disclosure agreement 


Sorry it was part of the template and I forgot to take it out. Sorry it upset you.


Dearie me 

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3 minutes ago, Have some faith in Magic said:

Scottish guy still to jaked to turn up for the encore. 

Was just thinking that. Disappointed he wasn’t brought back for the final. 

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Probably ask this every year but I'm assuming they aren't allowed to use thier actual brand name? No way they'd get this far and not have a name for their business. 

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Marnie knows how she wants her building to be laid out brick by brick and is on it. 

Rochelle decides to spend her time on a pointless advert with her mates and sends two guys to develop a female salon. Deserves to lose for that decision alone. Fanny. 

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2 minutes ago, DrewDon said:

I initially would have preferred Marnie to win, but she did trauma-dump at the start of her pitch. I now hope she loses. 

I thought that was the point of her gyms though. For folk who've had some shit times to come out the other side via her gym? 


Rochelle has had a shop for 10 years and still has the one but thinks she'll now be opening one a year? WTF? Marnie can't lose this surely. 

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