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The Apprentice 2023

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Starts tomorrow, BBC 1, 9pm. Here's the latest round of candidates. 


Lo and behold the latest gang of complete tossers, though I have already decided that I particularly hate this guy: 


Local councillor Gregory owns an online antiques business and has previously worked as a professional cannon-firer.

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5 minutes ago, ICTChris said:

There’s a Scottish one, oh dear. He looks like a little p***k, maybe he’ll surprise us.

I read that he’s already been on a number of adverts, voice overs and reality tv programmes. Already seems like someone desperate for fame and attention of any form. 

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How it was supposed to go:

"I hear you are a Lib Dem Candidate?"


"Well you'll be hoping to do well here and maybe actually win something"


How it actually went:

"I hear you are a Lib Dem candidate?"

"Councillor actually, I've already been elected"

"Well you'll be hoping to do well here and maybe actually win something"




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I hate Karren Brady. Who is she to complain about anyone else’s record? What’s she done? She ran Birmingham City for a few years, sold it to some dodgy geezer who ended up in jail for a massive fraud about a year after she sold it to him. She was, I think, in charge when they built their ground which is now needing to be rebuilt due to water ingress. Great job Karren!

Now she’s at West Ham where her main achievement has been ripping off the taxpayers for the London Stadium. She’s completely dreadful.

People in Antigua clearly have too much money not to ask for refunds from that shite tour the male team put on. 

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