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Dundee V Arbroath

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I'm rooting for Arbroath to pick up momentum and to lift themselves above Accies and Cove by season's end, good team with good fans.

That being said, we're on an excellent run and can't afford to not keep it up in a game like this, as these are the ones where we tend to get tripped up in, and Arbroath have given us a tough time in our two games this season. Hopefully Robinson's back for this one to give us that extra muscle up top, as well as the others who remained out against Ayr.

The good thing about our most recent win is that it only included one Bowyer player all game with the rest being McPake signings, and they still got it done. With January fast approaching, hopefully our team will get even stronger as I trust Bowyer to know where he needs to add (not that this will affect this particular match tbf).

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I hope everyone stands up and dances when Insomnia is played just before kick us. Maxi Jazz was a great frontman and it’s a shame that he has gone so soon.  He is one of as as well, as the lyrics from one of his other classics show; 

“This is my mychurch,

this is where I heal my hurts,

for tonight god is watching from the Derry’

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Sorry Arbroath but as much as I like you we need the points to stay top.

Genuinely hope Arbroath get their season started after this match.  They are a good addition to this league and, in keeping with the theme of goodwill to all men, it would be a nice wee trip for our neighbours next season as well.


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