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Week 14


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Raiders @ Rams

Sunday (Early)

Eagles @ Giants 

Jets @ Bills

Browns @ Bengals

Texans @ Cowboys

Vikings @ Lions

Ravens @ Steelers

Jaguars @ Titans

Sunday (Late)

Chiefs @ Broncos

Panthers @ Seahawks

Buccaneers @ 49ers


Dolphins @ Chargers

BYE’s - Falcons, Bears, Packers, Colts, Saints & Commanders

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So TNF looks rotten this week! No offence Raiders & Rams fans. The Jets will look to sweep the Bills this weekend in Buffalo while the red hot Lions will continue their playoff push at home to the division leading Vikings. Buccs Vs 49ers is the pick of the late games. 

Hopefully my Giants can upset the Eagles at MetLife. Our play calling and tackling will need to be much better than last week for that to happen though. 

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Chargers have the Fish and the Titans at SoFi the next two weeks. Realistically 1-1 would still see them in contention for the 7th seed provided they win out, but 0-2 pretty much ends the season.


It looks like they are going to be missing a whole new group of starters for Sunday on top of the load already out, so it will likely be yet another clownshoes performance with Herbert running for his life as soon as its snapped. I'm teetering on the brink of actively hoping for a tank to improve the chances of Staley being binned and the draft slot, but I also think that would be pointless as the idiot ownership will still give him an injury pass regardless.


In any case, there's every chance LAC goes 0-2 over the next two weeks, which would put them on a 1-6 seven game skid. No coach should survive that, and especially not one who calls a Defense that is bottom or near bottom of tbe NFL in most categories and has given up 26-27 ppg across 30+ games.

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It wasn't really a shock on Monday when Brady led the Buccs back from 13 behind to wn.


Tonight with Mayfield trying to claw that back with an offense he literally only met the other day? Mind-blowing stuff tbf, some way to end a losing streak. A massive kick in the nuts for the Raiders.

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1 hour ago, lichtie23 said:

Giants are on sky today. Disappointing 


Honestly thought the Lions/Vikings game would have got the shout!!!

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Two stupid, stupid penalties from Okudah on consecutive plays gift the Vikings an east run in from a yard out, fanny!!!

Vikings 7-7 Lions

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