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Peterhead v Pars - 19/11/22

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Missed the first and the replay only showed the celebration! Heard it was a deflected Todd shot. Second goal was a nice run and finish by Mochrie, but he should have had an even better second. We are playing some nice stuff into the wind, especially down the left. Hopefully we don't have a collective brain fart like we did in the corresponding fixture at East End because we look very comfortable at the moment.







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58 minutes ago, AlwaysAPar said:

Is that 6 away wins in the league now this season? Yes we’ve dropped a level but our previous 6 wins on the road came over a period of about 4 years, so we certainly shouldn’t take this ability to win ugly away from home for granted

Yes, 6th away win today.

Took us three seasons to do it before (two last season, one in 20/21 and three in 19/20).

We won 12 away games when we won this league in 15/16, taking until 12th December to get 6. In fact we lost our first away game, which was to Peterhead!

When we won that league we averaged 2.19 points per game. Currently we're averaging 2.187.

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2 hours ago, Richey Edwards said:

Jim McInally is one of the most tactically astute managers currently operating in the Scottish lower leagues.

Jim did the right thing today and stayed at home with his feet up, some of his potential replacements were at the game today but had not been impressed with what they saw

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Perhaps it's the angle of the camera, but surely the Peterhead keeper has to do better with the first?

Mochire takes his goal very well. That first touch was lovely. How he missed getting a second is quite something though. An utter horror of a miss! 

Disappointing that Wighton's goal was disallowed. Seems that the ref thought Wighton somehow tripped the defender, but the highlights make it clear the defender tripped himself up as it were.

Some good defending of the 'chucking your body at the ball type' later on to deny Peterhead.

Surprised Peterhead didn't run out of balls after a few of our free kicks seemed to punt them straight out of the ground.

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