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Peterhead v Pars - 19/11/22

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Surprised there isn't a thread for this game already. 

Peterhead left East End with a 2-2 last time out but have since seen their manager leave. Pars followed up their win at Grangemouth with a stinker at home with another 2-2 draw, this time against Clyde. 

I have no idea how this will pan out. Our squad is stretched pretty thin and some players are looking a bit jaded. Can any of the younger players who helped get a 2-1 win over the Celtic B team get into the squad? Probably not. I'll say 1-0 Pars.

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11 hours ago, parsforlife said:

Aye i hate this feeling but the pressure is on to win, to go from there 6 points in front to potentially 2 in 2 matches would be a big problem.

Yup. But the players really shouldn't be facing much pressure against the team bottom of the league. We're 25 points ahead of them. A draw here is a really poor result. A loss would be abysmal.

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2 minutes ago, Blootoon87 said:

If the weather stays the same I'd be surprised if it goes ahead.

Bad up there? Heard that the rain is due to ease off overnight.



However travel might still be knackered tomorrow morning. I hope to go but won't be if the train to Aberdeen is off (and I refuse to take a replacement bus). I'll be checking the trains in the morning before I leave the flat mind.

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43 minutes ago, Stellaboz said:


Nah, going to give it a miss today. Don't want to risk the possibility of being stranded in Peterhead or Aberdeen if the storm makes a comeback today. Plus can't be fucked with a bus to Aberdeen, especially one that will be rammed and will probably take longer than usual.

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