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Saints v Saintees 09/11/22

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Midweek games mean a hotel so thank you Alba for going to show this game. St Johnstone tails will be well up . Changes are needed still don't think we will see big Joe in defence but Gogic is not the answer.  Think this will be a St Johnstone win hope I'm wrong. 

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22 minutes ago, elvis said:

Think that's first time the Johnnie's have won 3 in a row in about ten years what's the bets it will be 4 come Wednesday night.

Na, not even close.  We won 5 in a row in October 2018.

First time we’ve beaten rangers at home since 2010 is maybe the stat mentioned today that you’re getting mixed up with. 

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From watching the game today, we really need to make a lot of changes. As well as bringing Joe back in I'd go for quicker players up front, given that St Johnstone have three big lumps at centre half and going direct will be easier for them. I'd go a 3-4-1-2 of


Fraser    Gallagher   Shaughnessy 

Strain   Gogic    Baccus    Tanser


Greive   Brophy

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2 minutes ago, mizfit said:

1-1 draw. 
Take that and go into the final game before the World Cup with a chance of getting top 6 and I’ll be happy.

We'd also take that.

Ideally we'd be looking for four points from our next two games, so a point in the more difficult game of the two would be decent.

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Stating the bleeding obvious but this is a massive game for both teams.

St J on a great run after a slow start, Saints with really poor back to back results.

Didn't think the first game had 3 goals in it, and we bounced back immediately after it.

But when we lost 3-0 to Hibs last week, we followed it up with another defeat in Dingwall.

We just can't afford to play the same starting 11 again; defence especially needs a shake up when you look at the goals we've lost.

Would probably actually take a draw now.

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