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Kelty v Alloa

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3 minutes ago, Robert Forbes said:

A goal scoring opportunity isn't just a shot at goal, it could be a one on one with the goalkeeper, and that would have been the case if Agyeman hadn't been fouled as he would have been clean through with just your goalkeeper to beat. A good draw for Kelty, not bad for an ex-Junior outfit! 


Strong John Hartson energy.

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18 minutes ago, Robert Forbes said:

Only the one, thet makes it one less then you! It is okay for referees to make decisions against Alloa now and then even if you don't fully agree with them, it happens to all teams. The com.ents from Alloa supporters about yesterday's match seem to suggest that their team didn't win because of refereeing decisions, and that is certainly not the case as I have been trying to explain. Any fair-minded spectator at that match would agree that a draw was a fair result. Yes, you should have been 2 or 3 up by half-time, but that wasn't the refs fault, it was mainly due to poor finishing by your players, e g. the sitter at the very start of the match missed by your player when he tapped it into the goalie's arms instead of putting some force into it. 

Every single Alloa supporter who has posted has said a draw was a fair result, and nobody has said they didn't win because of refereeing decisions mate.


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18 minutes ago, Robert Forbes said:

Perhaps not outwardly, but some posts were determined not to yield on the 50/50 decisions, all I've been trying to do is give balance. E.g. one supporter said that Cardle's fall in the box was never a penalty, and as I pointed out there was a definite sound similar to heels being clicked, something that a supporter at the far end of the park couldn't hear. I'm not saying that it was a definite penalty, but there was cause for a claim. I was also only answering the posts that listed all the poor decisions the refere made against Alloa, as there were a few poor decisions made against Kelty too. A lot of Kelty fans around me were angry at the ref and that doesn't happen often in a match, there's the usual odd occasion that the ref gets berated, but yesterday it was much more than that. I remember thinking at the time that the ref was poor for both sides, and that has been all that I've been trying to explain.

The guy who said the Kelty claim wasn't a penalty runs the clubs media- so not only was he not at the other end of the pitch, he had the benefit of looking at these things again moments later. And this was because another Alloa supporter asked the question and he's in a position to answer it. Because as you rightly point out, no one had a clue behind the other goal- myself included- why is why he asked.

Once again- absolutely no one is blaming the referee for Alloa not winning as you claim, not outwardly or in a subtle fashion. Debating marginal decisions is absolutely natural (the Andy Graham booking definitely not marginal btw) but this is start a fight in an empty house stuff.

Your teams improved well this season after a dodgy start, deserved a point yesterday and your ground is a brilliant wee setup. Cheer up pal and enjoy your Sunday 👌

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1 hour ago, Robert Forbes said:

The "dodgy start" was due to the club having to recruit a new manager mid-close season. The situation was worsened by several players leaving the club for a variety of reasons, leaving the new manager insufficient time to bring in the appropriate players in time for the start of the League season. Once the last of these players signed up performances and results improved.

To have a debate more than one viewpoint has to be given, and I have given the viewpoint from the Kelty angle, and I think that I have been mainly fair with my comments. However, it can't be a debate if one party accuses the other of being accused of having a "chip on their shoulder" only because the latter had given his side of the "debate".

All that aside, NCP has become a decent little ground, it has changed immeasurably over the years. I played against Kelty Hearts as an amateur and  Junior from the 70's through to the 90's, and the ground back then is unrecognisable to where it is now!

Fair enough mate. Just to add, I wasn't involved in any debate- my initial comment was merely an observation based on some of your replies to others- which were over the top at best, utterly false at worst. I thought over the piece the referee was fine personally.

Anyway- onwards and upwards- lets draw this to a close.


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