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Rangers* versus Aberdeen, Ibrox, 3pm Saturday 29th October

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2 minutes ago, Merkland Red said:

There's a happy medium between 10 men man marking like Derek used to do and how open we are today.

The one thing Glass managed was competitive games against the uglies.

Hopefully Goodwin learns from today. He needs to work out a better shape for these games.

Let's hope we get back on the road next Friday.

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It’s been really poor. 

I can understand the way we lined up but it was clear at half time the shape was doing us no favours. This isn’t the first time that’s happened either. We’ve waited until the game is dead to change shape, not good enough. 

I really didn’t see the positivity ahead of today, we’ve not shown nearly enough evidence yet that we’re going to show up at ibrox and win even if they’re relatively struggling. 

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I genuinely wasn't expecting us to win today, but it is frustrating how easy we have made it for Rangers to beat us after we went ahead. We can't say that this isn't an accurate reflection of the game, either - Rangers have an xG of 4.22 and have had 35 shots to our 4. Those are the sort of numbers I might expect if we had been reduced to ten men after five minutes or something. It has been a pummelling. 

Plenty of lessons to be learned for Goodwin from this. Whilst I can't fault the ambition, we have been much too easy to play through and against - and he was far too slow to make changes. 

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5 minutes ago, Frank Grimes said:

The *** TV commentator :lol:

“Making a drama out of a crisis”

No pal, they’re checking the offside 

The guy’s an utter dick. The childish shriek of delight when it was given. Jesus fucking Christ 🤣


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Aberdeen nowhere near at it today, far too open and perhaps lucky to only lose 4-1. Well done to Rangers for raising their game against us though. 

That HunTV commentator though. Just wow. Is that actually the best they can manage. I felt sorry for Ian Ferguson having to be sat next to the c**t, that's how bad he was 

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