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The McInnes Derby. Dons v Killie - 1/10/22

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Not sure where are our goals are going to come from. 

Seems like an age since we were at Pittodrie following Covid and relegation. Looking forward to being baltic already, 

Have the pies improved any? 

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Lafferty to slot the ball into the net from an offside position, then mimics playing the flute in front of the dugouts a'la Gazza.

Notices the goal is ruled out, punches Goodwin as he is "one of them".

10 match ban increased to 30.

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10 hours ago, kingjoey said:

The pies have always been good.

Have they f**k! 

Food in the kiosk (away end anyway) is usually shite. 

10 hours ago, Thenorthernlight said:

14 degrees ya southern buftie 

Not in that away end it won't. be!

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1 hour ago, Suspect Device said:

The Pittodrie pie is OK imo. Real mince instead of the grey mutton. 


Killie pies are overrated. Living on a past reputation like AFC get accused of. 

Spot on there. The Killie Pie used to be excellent, but nothing more than ordinary when I went to Rugby Park just before Covid hit.

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