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St Mirren v Livi

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Brophy out at the fun fair getting photos with the kids outside the ground.  Classy touch from the big man. 

Main not even on the bench is a worry, he's been in fine form recently. 

A tight affair might be even tighter if we're missing some firepower up top. 

One nil to the Saints. 

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HT 0-0
Yep as expected, it’s always the same game against Livingston; a tough watch and not much in it. At least the weather has cleared up, we have glorious autumnal sunshine in PA3.
Livi have probably been the better team, they certainly had the best chance. Half an hour gone and they go through one on one, a sclaffed finish well saved by Carson, should have scored. Trev also did well to tip over a looping deflection in the first minute that I thought was going in.
We haven’t really created anything of note, LivI are too deep for us.
First goal’s the winner? Probably end up a 0-0 draw.

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Well that was a horrible first half of football, no entertainment, too many fussy fouls and 2 teams showing zero quality.

It looks like a different sport from the Celtic game.

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Agree,scrappy game so far.A decent chance for Bahamboula to put Livi in front early on.Then Pittman has it on a plate and sclaffs it.Yeh reckon 1 goal could take this.Montanno a big miss today.Get Bruce on.🦁👍.

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Very close game. We started off better but Saints were coming into it towards the end. Bahamboula has been the main threat but not involved enough. Would take a draw tbh. Hope the second half is more entertaining because first was an awful watch. 

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7 minutes ago, Arch Stanton said:

Edinburgh only brought 18. Ross County brought 92 last season.

Agreed, but i wasn't at either of those games.  I think TNS brought more than this the other season in the Micky Mouse Cup.

The most un-braw are still the Seveconians, BTW. 

Been a scrappy game, hope to snatch something but has 0-0 written all over it.  

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