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On 27/09/2022 at 13:10, FreedomFarter said:

They're a few years old now but I only recently discovered his Golazzo podcasts about 90s/00s Italian football and they've been a fun listen.

Yeah, love the Golazzo pods, and they won’t age badly, because they tend to be about great teams, players, seasons etc from the past anyway. 

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Plodding round the country going to different teams every week, I like to listen ahead to club podcasts as much as possible to get an idea about what I'm going to watch or to keep up with teams I've seen.

Best club podcasts for me are:

Glory Days of Gold (East Fife) - Really well-presented with in-depth discussion of East Fife and League Two etc in general.

Scarves Around the Funnel (Hearts) - Obviously pro-Hearts, but very balanced and fair. I think non-Hearts supporters could enjoy it.

Celtic Underground (eh, Celtic) - Swings from the sublime to the ridiculous. Some great episodes of this with some really good discussions. Thoughtful and fair views on Celtic and wider issues about sport, but the paranoid bampotery kicks in often when discussing referees/Rangers/any perceived non-Celtic people. Pick out the good bits and there's an excellent podcast here.

Draw Lose or Draw (Partick Thistle) - Very detailed and informative.

Misery Hunters (St Mirren) - Has become a regular listen of mine. Good discussion of St Mirren and associated issues. Don't quite get the Data Dave stuff (I know it's Cormack, I just don't think it's funny). But a good podcast overall. The opening of their latest edition is a must-listen. Treat yourself.

Hibs Talk (Hibs) - Again, reasonably balanced and informed discussion, and usually an informative and fun listen.

Non-club specific Scottish ones I really enjoy are The Pele Podcast (quite old now, but well worth a trawl through) and Sacked in the Morning.

Beyond Scottish football, the When Saturday Comes Podcast, Price of Football, These Football Times, The Blizzard, Football Travel by Outside Write.

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Listen to the Terrace obvs

Si Ferry meets was great but I don’t listen to  the open goal stuff  as can’t really stomach all of them talking over each other, will only really listen to the manager of the month ones now but I have no idea why Paul Slane is there with him other than Ferry feeling sorry for him.

Price of football I really liked but I think it does get a bit repetitive especially when there is no real scandal going on. 

20 minute Tim’s is good, and the cynic from a Celtic point of view

OTB football over in Ireland is decent  also.

Undr the cosh I listen to the odd time if the guest is intrigues me but will always skip the first 10 minutes of the presenters rambling shite before the interview.

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On 28/09/2022 at 11:34, Dons_1988 said:

I say that despite the fact very few of them have anything nice to say about the dons. (Yes, I know some of you c***s read this…). 


Happy Van Veen GIF by SPFL

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32 minutes ago, HK Hibee said:

Guardian Football Weekly - although their Scottish football coverage is shite. Very good on EPL but also the European leagues and on stuff like concussion, Qatar, racism…

I used to listen to it but stopped as got bored of it. The summary of Europe is probably all I was interested in by the end. 

Always wished they just didn’t bother with Scottish football as it had such a sneering tone to it. Even calling it ‘fitba corner’ got my back up a bit.   

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The Athletic Football Podcast is very informative, mainly English Football based but their level on insight behind the scenes is pretty impressive.

Got into the Terrace this season after watching the TV programme and deciding they weren't for me. But having listened to the podcasts I have to say it is much better, no one covers Scottish football like them. Now weighing up whether to pay the fiver a month to access the extra stuff.


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Agree with the support for the Terrace (even if they are a bit down on Saints), and will second Old Firm Facts, the episodes aren’t too regular and are sometimes quite long but always a really good listen. 

Occasionally listen to the Courier Talking Football podcast for the local content. Never listen to their Dundee/Utd focussed one, though. 

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Adapted from the TV episodes, but enjoying Darrel Currie’s ‘Currie Club’ at the minute. Obvious caveat is that it’s from BT Sport so might end up being a bit Old Firm-heavy. 

The Terrace et all. 

Not related to Scottish football but ‘Transfer: The Emiliano Sala Story’ and ‘Sport’s Strangest Crimes’ from BBC Sounds are really interesting listens. 

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