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King of milk

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Milk is shite.
Tastes shite by itself. Ruins a cup of tea or coffee. Ruins chocolate. Ruins cereal. Milky sauces for meals are shite. Milky Bars were shite. The Milk Cup was the worst iteration of the League Cup. Milkshakes are shite. Cheese is the most over-rated thing humans have ever marketed, exacerbated by the modern performative snobby behaviour of faux middle-class wankers who pretend to enjoy its myriad risible incarnations. Even dark hot chocolate pishes all over its contemptible milk alternative.
Take your milk, and shove it up your fucking arse.
"At or around this time, Spud, Sick Boy and I made a healthy, informed, democratic decision to get back on heroin as soon as possible. It took about 12 hours"

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