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King of Crisps


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18 hours ago, Don Diego De la Vega said:

Those, as well as beef and mustard, have both been discontinued.  it was a very sad day reading that knowing I was never to taste the fiery goodness of roast beef and mustard ever again. The king of crisps is dead, long live frazzles instead 

There should have been national days of mourning for Brannigans Beef and Mustard. A sad loss.

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7 minutes ago, Kelvin Valley said:

Used to like the novelty of these as a kid:


Kettle chips are good, especially the balsamic flavoured ones.

Not a week went by when there wasn't a bit on That's Life about someone getting a bag with 1 crisp and 35-odd packers of salt. 

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The former before lockdown were the 6 for a pound special. I loved them and they vanished.

I have no idea why McCoy's killed the Mexican Chilli. Magnificent. I think for a while they did a 6 pack with 2 Mexican, 2 sweet chilli and weirdly 2 raging prawn cocktail Screenshot_20220924-084718_Chrome.thumb.jpg.5b09b22815700c0989de15656e1dab6d.jpgScreenshot_20220924-084802_Chrome.thumb.jpg.a7cb820c914263a1abb90006d1261572.jpg

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There’s a huge lack of decent crisps in the US, but then again they’re heathen colonist scum.
I used to love whoever it was that made Bovril crisps, another manufacturer made marmite crisps, miss a good Smokey back or beef and onion. An you promoting Brannigans beef and mustard is in my camp as well.

The OFTW favourite of mine, beef favour Monster Munch

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