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King of Crisps

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Back in the day there were some Golden Wonder mustard flavour crisp things that used to enhance my favourite kiosk's egg-mayonaise baguette. Then you've got your Brannigan's Roast Beef and Mustard. I traded a rusty motorcycle frame for a crate of Hobgoblin and 24 packets of those, didn't think the buyer would come through on that deal.  Should have held out for some Burger Rings (NZ). 

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2 hours ago, Clown Job said:



Brings back great memories of my late teens, £5 off my gran for sweeties would buy two litres of Pulse Cider, 10 Regal and enough left for a packet of Bobby's Onion Rings. Halcyon days 

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4 hours ago, Rugster said:

Golden Wonder are the shittiest crisps going. It doesn’t surprise me that you like them, you absolute Tedi. 

When ah were a lad Golden Wonder used to carry a tale on the packet about them being invented in Edinburgh 

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