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Doncaster City

Dav nan Gael

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Oldskool Gretna needed a letter of permission every year from the SFA to take part in the FA Cup, when they played in the Northern Premier League.

That said :

* Gretna were a Scottish club playing in the English system back then;

*Gretna is right on the border

*Gretna were a credible semi pro team in the 1990s, a mixture of old Carlisle United boilers and semi-pro Geordies who had histories with the likes of Blyth, Gateshead, strong Northern League clubs. (see here:

....not a made up publicity hungry Sunday league outfit  200 miles south of the border with no infrastructure, a 46 year old keeper who do battle with teams called "Sheffield Medics"

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That team is 100% at it for social media clout, had a quick look at them after I wanted to look at what noted ex-Dundee legend Martin Woods was up to, and had been coaching for them I believe. That being said, the history fanatic in me loves the bringing up of the 1136 Treaty of Durham and the Scottish 'claim' to Doncaster. It's the same kind of minor oversight thing that makes the 1965 peace accords between the Soviet Union and Berwick-upon-Tweed funny to me.

Tl;dr, if the town of Doncaster claims fealty to Scotland, I'd be happy to welcome this team in.

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Gateshead tried to join the Scottish league twice back in the 60s and 70s but were rebuffed. Wigan Athletic also wanted to joinwhen they were a non league club. I don't see this Doncaster outfit getting SFA membership.

Mind you, Queen's Park played in the English Cup final twice....

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