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The King of confectionery.

Derry Alli

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Im not a chocolate connoisseur by any means but I used to love a Toblerone.

A double decker is also a good stodgy chocolate bar.

Question though - is a Cream Egg a chocolate or a sweetie? Or some sort of hybrid? Less chocolate than whatever the stuff inside is so not sure what to class it as.

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1 hour ago, Mr. Alli said:

I used to have quite a disdain for Twirl chocolate. Now it's a favourite. I held it in the "pretty pointless" category alongside Flake - which is only worthwhile crumbled over ice cream.

Polar opposite, I used to adore a Boost but they're a bit shite now.

What's your favourite chocolate P&B?

(Those of you who don't keep chocolate at home in the fridge need not reply)

Thank you.

Some people don’t keep chocolate in the fridge? Seriously?

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2 hours ago, Richie said:

Loved Caramac but the new Cadbury Caramilk are amazing, definite upgrade - Far more flavour.
Fan of Fry's Turkish Delight also.
Kindef Bueno esp white one.
Riesen chews.

Beast ^^^.

Ferrero Rocher is the correct answer to all of this.

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10 minutes ago, Miguel Sanchez said:

If you eat chocolate out the fridge you should have something tattooed on your forehead so the rest of civilised society can deservedly shun you.

It's a well established fact that cold temperatures inhibit flavour, and the texture is fucking rank. 

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