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Airdrieonians vs Clyde (McCabeball vs Dannyball)

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4 minutes ago, David W said:

Half a team all-out defence, half a team all-out attack. Safe to say I'm worried about how this will go.

Both sides putting out questionable teams should at least make this quite interesting. Really not sure what to expect here.

25 minutes ago, Jack Reed said:

Notice a comment on FB that manager wanting to watch how player's perform, like its the first game of the season, personally I don't think he knew who to leave out except for Gal he seems a easy choice these days, our top scorer. 

McGill might score here but even so, continually leaving out Gallagher is very odd. I’m starting to think McCabe might be @Diamond1924 :lol: 

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5-0 seems harsh thinking of the first half when there were a few moments I thought we might go behind. For the majority of the second half it probably was a 5-0 game however.

Harsh to criticise players after a 5-0 win but Watson and Deveney had a few howlers each. Not completely convinced by Taylor-Sinclair but he was fine. Telfer had a good game and Smith and Frizzell were characteristically a level above.

Good to recover five sixths of the goal difference lost last game and happy that Dunfermline have dropped points. Clyde were very poor but given how bad Peterhead and Kelty have been I think they’ll be fine.

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30 minutes ago, ScottR96 said:

The results of late are clearly a cause for concern but suggesting the manager should lose his job is ridiculous. I think he has enough credit in the bank to ride this out. 

He used up his credits last season after the Clydebank defeat.

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I’m quite enjoying our new thing of beating Clyde 5-0 every season. 

The scoreline was a bit harsh as up until the second goal I didn’t think there was a huge amount in it. Airdrie probably shaded it and should have scored more but Clyde had a few chances before then, generally through quick counters coming from very slack play from Airdrie and Henderson made a few very good saves. It’s strange, we’ve lost 6-0 and won 5-0 in his first two games and he’s actually been one of our best players in both games. 

The game was finished as soon as the second goal went in and other than Smith’s finish for the third, the others were all very easy with our fairly quick forwards getting in behind a remarkably slow Clyde defence. 

Clyde’s team was bizarre. I laughed when I saw Peter Grant lining up at left back but having four big lumps at the back very narrow with three quick guys up top actually worked fairly well in the first half. The change to a back three didn’t really work, it mostly ended up being a back five and gave our forwards more space to run into. I haven’t seen Kelty or Peterhead yet but I do fancy Clyde to have enough to stay up ahead of both though, even if they don’t have as strong a squad as Kelty.

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Won't be back until those dinosaurs in the defence are out the squad. They are all fucking useless. Tactics wrong (again) long ball (again) not working, starting 4 CBs - all on the manager. But the goals conceded were of fucking piss poor levels of so called defending from McClean and Grant. Peter grant is awful. He hasn't had 1 good game for us. 

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Lennon lost all credit when he decided to go to a back 3 of McClean Grant Thicott

Total heeds gone from Lennon and the Goals against in just 2 games can't be defended (pardon the pun)
Summed uo by lennon hiding then swiftly fucking off down the tunnel at FT

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Well what a way to bounce back from the last home game. I felt Clyde had their chances in the first half and Henderson made two very good saves and arguably could of been ahead at half time.

Telfer looked very good on the ball and fited into the midfield micely (albeit a few loose passes) but not massively convinced by Taylor Sinclair, with his pace, he'd of fitted in nicely with Clyde's defence. But can't be overly critical as the scoreline was 5-0.

Brilliant to see Jamieson break his duck, his pace is electric and hopefully gives the boy confidence to get on a good scoring run. What a finish from Smithy for his 2nd. Excellent stuff and 4/5 strikers chipping in with goals is very pleasing.

Most importantly, brings the goal difference but up as it will be fine margins come the end of the season.

As for Clyde, I actually think you were better this year than last, I don't think you'll finish 9th/10th and with a bit more clinical finishing, it could of been a very different game.

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