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St. Mirren v Sellick, Sunday 18th September

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2 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

His biggest issue was he was the replacement for Tierney and with all due respect to him he was never going to be at that level.

Aye that was it - unglamorous SPFL player signed as a bit of a back up. Was up against it in terms of having the fans on side (which he was well aware of apparently) but he's really earned his place over the last year which says a lot about him. 

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14 minutes ago, Karpaty Lviv said:

They’ve got to change these kits here surely?

Yes it’s a pretty poor show from St Mirren having a strip that from a distance looks similar to Celtics 3rd Kit. 
surely a big fine incoming for the Saints! 😂

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25 minutes ago, Patrick Bateman said:

Sky turning off the mics there.


Proves that we cant trust the media to give us any impartial broadcasting. 

They will distort the reality to push their own political agenda.

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8 minutes ago, Leith Green said:

I could understand that kit if they were away to, say, Hearts.

But against St Mirren, it is awful on TV. Both with black shorts doesn't help either.

Ref must be happy though or he would change it.

Our other away shirt is all black with green stripes so would probably be worse

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