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St. Mirren v Sellick, Sunday 18th September

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FT 2-0
Yeehaa. Won’t get many easier three points than that this season. Goal in the first half, goal in the second half then cigars out. Absolute toffee.
That’s two visits to St Mirren Park for Anges ‘relentless’ Celtic. Zero goals scored and one point out of six. Can you play here every week?
Credit to Robinson he got the game plan spot on and the players executed it. Celtic had no answer, a few routine saves for Carson but we were in control throughout and could and should have won by more.
O’Hara superb in midfield, Ayunga superb upfront and a colossal performance from ‘King Charles’ Dunne at the back.
How had Celtic won six out of six before today? They’re rubbish. It often seems to fall to us to beat the Old Firm and end their runs, and we’ve done it again. They’re both shite, hopefully our result and performance today inspire the other nine teams in the league to do similar.
Third place for us now, don’t see any reason why we can’t finish there tbh. If that’s the best team in this league we have absolutely nothing to fear from anyone else.

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Ange Ball? Completed it mate.


We absolutely rag dolled them. Welsh was lying on the ground at one point contemplating life after Ayunga threw him away again.

One thing I will say, Celtic players are brilliant ball boys, or should i say, ball bhoys?

That number 9 ended up squaring up to a 10 year old 😂, then got put on his arse twice in quick succession.


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