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Week 1 (ITS BACK! ๐Ÿˆ)


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2 minutes ago, Todd_is_God said:

I don't think I could be a defensive player in the NFL. You obviously cannot hit a runner who is giving themselves up, but the game is fast and when the slide starts so late, the Defensive player would have to anticipate the slide before it happens and pull out of his tackle.

If they do that, and the QB then doesn't slide, they look completely stupid.

Its the same with DBs and WRs when they are trying to break up passes.

I don't know how to make it entirely fair.


I don't believe there's any such thing as a 'defenceless receiver', just QB's who take liberties by throwing the ball into space over the middle, and at WR's who aren't open. If you want to risk your health by trying to grab one of those ball, fair enough, but the defense should have the same opportunity and it that means you get your clock cleaned as a result, tough shit.

The NFL doesn't genuinely care about player health, it's just pathologically averse to incomplete passes and low yardage games.

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27 minutes ago, Todd_is_God said:


The rule itself was designed to stop intentional fumbles etc. Now that it's here, I don't see how they can have it continue to serve its purpose whilst also not impacting genuine fumbles - I don't think you can put it on an official to decide what is and isn't intentional.

Yeah, fair enough. ย I guess the whole nature of rules in sports means you always get situations where applying the rules correctly seems unfair. ย  ย 

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4 minutes ago, Busta Nut said:

Raiders are so shite. I'm depressed already.

I don't think they look that bad. They've stopped the Chargers run game until that last drive, and the Chargers clearly can't cover Davante Adams. Raiders haven't slowed down the Chargers passing game, but nobody really managed that last season either, and so far the right side of the Chargers OL isn't looking like the glaring weakness it was in 2021 either.

Oh, and no daft penalties either, which is totally un-Raiderlike.

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