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So will the football be off this weekend?

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Just now, SJFCtheTeamForMe said:

I cannot put into words how UTTERLY RIDICULOUS that is if it ends up happening. 

I agree completely.

My wee boy (8 years old) plays football on a Saturday morning. As it falls under the SFA's jurisdiction, I'm fully expecting even that to be cancelled 

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7 minutes ago, iceblink said:

Bad timing for St Mirren. Hearts looking like a Jack Ross team at the moment 

Good timing for St Mirren. When a club is in some sort of crisis and is utter shite - here comes St Mirren. Best thing for us would be to play a Hearts team who were on a five game unbeaten run and everything in the Jambos garden was rosy.

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2 minutes ago, Dirty Sanchez said:

I believe there was no league football the weekend of Diana's funeral because it was an international week, and Scotland played their game against Belarus at Pittodrie anyway, despite some conversation about postponing it.

was put back 24 hours to avoid clash with funeral, Jim Farry (I think) made a huge arse of the whole affair.

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