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Monarchy debate/discussion

Richey Edwards

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6 hours ago, Dons_1988 said:

Does feel like it’s a piece of propaganda to put an image out on how loved the monarchy are. 

That's the feeling I've had the past couple of weeks, the pro-monarchy PR machine has been in turbo-drive.

If I can borrow a P+B bon mot, I'm thinking of all this as Charles' Scrambling For Relevance Tour.

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Now that he has got rid of his mother now would be the ideal time for charlie to issue redundancy notices to himself and all the family he was quick enough to do so to his staff. She served a purpose that is no longer worth keeping going with the remaining cult members.

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Skys News headline this morning is that over 250,000 filed past the Queen's coffin. WOW!! INCREDIBLE!! Does anyone actually care?

Now Nick Ferrari on LBC asking his listeners what will be their abiding memory from yesterday's funeral.

Anyone any idea as to when we might be able to move on from this Royal non event?

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