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Monarchy debate/discussion

Richey Edwards

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9 hours ago, Fullerene said:

Imagine the poor judges.

"Will the defendant rise.   You have been found guilty on all charges and will now be duly sentenced to serve time in prison for a minimum of 48 years at her majesty's pleasure.  Oops, I mean his majesty's pleasure, his majesty.  Right.  Start again.  You have found guilty, blah, blah, blah and will do at least 48 years at her majesty's pleasure.  Oh, I done it again.   Right.  Deep breath.  One more time.  You have been found guilty ..."

Won't come to that if the defendant has a good KC. 

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2 hours ago, pub car king said:

This is the ideal opportunity to scale this whole circus back. 

12 days of this mawkish charade and folk will be sick to death of it. Along with the fact the new man isn't going to be as popular or in the job as long. 

I don't think he'll be there that long, but sadly can see one of his kids take over and there will be some heavy propaganda about modernising the royal family and the monarchy (whilst there are actual things like kings and princes and crowns and thrones and other laughable, pathetic anachronisms).

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Just read Charlie's speech, pretty stark message to Harry and Meghan that they've dug their graves and they ain't getting back. Might have read too much into it.


“I want also to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas.


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