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The Official Liz Truss Clusterfuck PM thread

Clown Job

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If she chucks her chancellor within a few weeks of trying to implement her policies, and they still go on to win the next election, be as well knocking this democracy thing on the head, eh?

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18 hours ago, btb said:

But who will replace her & KK?

I saw Sunak/Mordaunt being touted as PM/Chancellor earlier today but would they currently want it - a tanking at the GE would make it hard for them to continue, more likely IMO would be either Gove or Hunt  being brought in to carry the can for an expected defeat in exchange for generous helpings from the trough afterwards. 

On troughing it, I note BJ has skipped the three month waiting period before sticking your nose in but as the rule appears to be merely advisory no punishment is likely.

Hunt being touted for chancellor.....🤣

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I’ve a mental image of Liz and a handful of ministers sitting round a table like in the Apprentice. They’re all pissed of because Liz has been allocated as team leader this week. Liz is trying to select a sub team leader. “it’s an economics task this week, you know about money and inflations and stuff from your business don’t you”, “erm, I’m more on the sales side really. “ “get your calculator “ 

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3 minutes ago, steelmen said:

you just now that the one thing they will reverse is the Energy price cap... make the poor folk pay.

I don't think that's likely.  It's the one thing that she falls back on in every speech and will continue to do.  Similar to Boris Johnson's "fastest vaccine rollout" standard (bullshit) response to any question or criticism.    

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11 minutes ago, Beans on Toast said:

I have very little sympathy for Kwasi, but imagine being in a situation where you are sacked for literally doing what your boss told you to. Mental.

What an absolute rabble they are.

This.  Truss will not be able to escape blame by sacking Kwarteng.  They were in lockstep implementing the economic policies of the IEA and the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

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51 minutes ago, Michael W said:

I really don't see how you can sack the Chancellor for doing something that you said you would in your leadership campaign. Kwarteng didn't do this off his own back - it had the full backing of the PM. 

If he goes, Truss should be going as well. A cynical sacrifice to try and save her own skin. 

It appears that a "deal" was done while Kwarteng was over the Atlantic where Truss was given the ultimatum that in order to save herself she had to throw him under the bus.

As you say though, EVERYONE knows that he's being scapegoated and that She's utterly useless with no power at all.

I honestly can't see where the Tories go from here as even the "believers" don't know what they stand for, who to trust or what policies they actually believe in or will run with.

I'd say the whole party is a busted flush.

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51 minutes ago, btb said:


Only 83 more days to get off the bottom spot!

55 George Canning 119 days 1 Tory (Canningite) 1827
56 Liz Truss 37 days
1 Conservative 2022

Canning had the excuse of dying from TB.

Canning is seen by historians as being a very effective Foreign Secretary. 

Former Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will be seen by historians as being Liz Truss.

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