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Stranraer vs Dumbarton

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1 hour ago, Jan Vojáček said:

Orsi and Love worked hard. But had next to no impact on the game. Certainly compared to Stranraer's wingers, who were both a threat all night. I remember it being said on here by a Clyde fan, but I really think we need to play Love centrally to get the most out of him. Maybe even as a centre-forward when Byrne is hooked after 65 minutes.

It's just not happening for Div Wilson this season. Admittedly the game bypassed the midfield, but he struggled to get a touch of the ball. You see flashes of quality - but I'd be starting McKee every day of the week over him.

Tl;dr - Faz will probably be tempted to start McKee, MacLean and Garrity next weekend. Which probably answers your question.

Thanks, and I agree with you on Love playing through the middle.  As for Orsi and Wilson I'd always take McLean and McKee if fit and available.

With the winning run now ended I hope the Manager is a lot more flexible in his selections and we lose the obsession with sticking rigidly to the same team despite better options being on the bench.

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On 21/09/2022 at 12:53, Jan Vojáček said:

Highlights really tell the story of the game. Interested in @pleslie99 thoughts on the first yellow for the full-back who was sent off. In real time I thought it looked a bad challenge, but watching it back I actually think he's unlucky to be booked. 

It looked to me that the he was always going to take the Dumbarton player's standing foot. By the rules I think that's a foul.

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5 minutes ago, Vimto90 said:
On 21/09/2022 at 08:01, Vimto90 said:
That's fitbaw for ye eh.

No be long till the underlying poison for farrell comes back to surface when a bad run happens.

And so it begins : )

Hotheads and bampots only at this point.

How's Craig Bryson doing?

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