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Clyde v Alloa

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It’s very worrying at the moment. We’re competing well in games and, as I mentioned earlier, we should have been ahead at the break. However, we’re missing decent chances at one end and conceding comical goals at the other. Thicot was embarrassingly bad at times, absolutely bullied by Offord when he came on and is another centre-half who runs like he’s wearing concrete boots. Embarrassing efforts from him for the third and fourth goal -completely inexcusable for someone so experienced. Parry equally laughable today too. Sold the first goal, should have done much better at the fourth. The problem we have there is, I still wouldn’t want Bradley-Hurst or Trialist ahead of him. I’m done evening discussing the sham full backs we currently have available.

It must be really demoralising for guys like Ray Grant who are generally playing well and being let down by school boy stuff around them. It was particularly telling towards the end when our forward line looked like wee boys. We desperately need extra bodies in that offer us something different. Particularly annoying watching Alloa sign guys like Stanger, Offord and Donnelly who are players I would have liked us to sign. I know Donnelly hasn’t be a prolific goal scorer but he’d have offered us some physicality that we are so sorely lacking. Edinburgh and Kelty making some decent signings during the week too. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy league but we have to make ourselves harder to beat that we are at the minute.

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We have gifted every single goal given away this season, totally embarrassing.

Fullback situation is astonishingly bad, Thicot is obviously finished, terrible performance and looks a mile off being good enough.

Parry, my God what’s going on?

Zero creativity in midfield and so naive defensively, can’t hold the ball up top. Forwards can’t finish their dinner, at least 3 sitters today again.

in conclusion, poor side, manager seems to have lost his way.. relegation material no doubt about it, can’t leak goals like that and expect anything else. 

Finally.. as usual Referee was atrocious, not why we lost but the standard of Official is getting worse each year?

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Out muscled by in defence an old ba$t'rd like Sammon. Out thought on the touchline by Chipper and I helped by poor officials.

We play tidy football in midfield and we present a threat up front but we are hamstrung by 3 centre halves who are like lighthouses in the desert...tall, brilliant but completely useless.

In the last 3 matches we've lost 8 goals and scored 3 against teams that I don't think are significantly better than us but each is stronger. However, the honeymoon is over! 

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Clyde the better team in the first half , 

Offord reminds me of Henderson a lot ,which is really great

not a great overall performance but take the points on our 2nd half display


Edit   Peter Grant senior really never thought hard enough about sitting in with the

Alloa fans did he  ?

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1 hour ago, BFTD said:

Nice result. I had this down as a draw.

Nine goals in two games is excellent, considering one of the biggest worries for us has been where the goals were coming from.

I don't think you'll have many problems if Offord's performance today was anything to go by. Best player on the pitch when he came on. Obviously our St Mirren link has dried up.

It is absolutely wild as a lower league side that we don't have any physical presence in midfield or up front. A goal behind with ten to go and on three occasions we gift possession back to Alloa when in dangerous areas because our forwards can't stand up in a breeze. We are badly missing Duthie as someone who can hold the ball.

I think it's reasonable to be expecting a lot more from Kurtis Roberts. It's unfortunate that Gomis had a shocker given he's generally played well.

I'll not write Thicot off yet; I thought he looked knackered after an hour. Surely today will consign the back three, and Ross Lyon, to the bin.

The Rodden family will be buying Barry Cook a Christmas card. Two absolute stick on red cards for me.

Taking one point from the Peterhead, Edinburgh and Alloa games is terrifying given how many chances we had across the three games.


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2 hours ago, BFTD said:

Nice result. I had this down as a draw.

Nine goals in two games is excellent, considering one of the biggest worries for us has been where the goals were coming from.

Yep, it's a funny old game, Saint. Sammon and Rodden have stepped up to the plate with goals and Offord sounds like he could bang some in.

Wasn't there today. Odd one to take Graham and Church off. I'm assuming they were injured? Also, I'm guessing Kev went to right back and Cammy to left back? Could be wrong.

Six points from the last two games is a welcome return. 

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