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Airdrie v FC Edinburgh

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23 minutes ago, Shandon Par said:

It was a bit boring seeing you lot at the top of the league every week so credit where it’s due for livening things  up a bit.

Never felt so bad since Rovers pumped us, it's  the margin of the defeat. 

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My morning after the day before comments. 


The scoreline was very much a fluke, one off event. While I can admire the managers self belief in his preferred style of football and his faith in the players he chose to put on the pitch I can't agree with the decision to be so gung ho and go with what seemed like a back 2 in an attempt to chase the game when there were 70+ minutes left.


Losing that second right on half time to a cruel deflection made the already mammoth task that much more difficult. After that we were leaving ourselves wide open to counters every time we attacked and fair play to Edinburgh they were clinical with the chances the had. Were it not for a few one on one saves from young Henderson the scoreline could have been much worse. Our defenders who were left to do that job were intent on backing off until the play reached our box by which time they couldn't put in a tackle for fear of giving away a penalty. I'd have been happier to see them close players down before we got to this stage.


When things were clearly not working on the pitch, the decision to have a manager and assistant both playing and therefore unable to see what was going on realised my worst fears over this experiment. When we're winning games it doesn't matter but when you're needing someone on the touchline to say that the system isn't working and that changes are needed we had nobody seemingly able to do it. Are Hutton and Prunty able to express an opinion to the manager and if so does he listen to it or just disregard and do his own thing. If they can't make suggestions to the manager then we definitely need someone stronger on that bench.


With regards to his post match comments, like others I'm concerned at the managers seeming inability or willingness to change from his preferred style of play when circumstances dictate that it's necessary.  At one nil down with 10 men surely you reorganise the defence, keep it tight and try to take the inevitable chance(s) when they come. 


Anyway, onto next week and back to the free flowing football which Rhys is trying to get us accustomed to and an end result where our only complaint is the opportunities that we're not converting. 


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Be interesting to see if we bring anyone in this week. Not necessarily required urgently as such, just curious. Will probably go to a back 4 next week with Watson RB, but could also see ATS come in and we stick to the same formation, 3 at the back, wing backs approach. Despite his miss, Gall should be starting given he's the form striker. Also, Justin Devenny is way more effective in a CM role so hope he is back there. Wylie hasn't shown enough, IMO, to merit his start and keep his place next week. 

Wish Saturday would come quick as we need to put this shocker result to bed and move on fast. 

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