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Dundee United's Next Permanent Manager - 2nd Edition of 2022

Who will be Dundee United's Next Permanent Manager?  

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3 hours ago, mishtergrolsch said:

I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to agree with any appointment by the club. They're all gambles and I'm not the gambling type.

I'll give any appointment my full backing for a few days, then decide if I like them or not based on a maximum of 2 games and if we're not top of the league by end of November then he's a useless c**t and I want him gone.

I bet you are.

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5 minutes ago, mishtergrolsch said:

Much you want to bet?

Whatever you want, I’ve already won the moral argument and that’s all that’s important.






F*ck, this high moral ground is giving me vertigo.





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5 minutes ago, Granny Danger said:

Anyone notice the dearth of Funsters on our threads in recent days?  A marked contrast to the last few weeks; not sure what would have caused the change.

Long may it continue.

Nothing has changed. They are still fucking shite and always will be.

Long may it continue.

Thank you.

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2 hours ago, ArabianKnight said:

Courier reporting its set to be Fox and Crawford 

Fcuk it.

Most will say, I'll give them my full support.

I'm just fed up of this shitshow now.

So, I'll just watch on the TV occasionally and carp from the sidelines.

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Think most Arabs have been expecting Fox to get the gig for a while now and it will be widely meet with a meh response. Most were unhappy with Courts then we went on to have a decent season, most were happy with Ross which turned into a disaster for whatever reason, if Fox can get the players to put in the effort whilst on the pitch then that’s at least a start and the very least we should be expecting. 
Any manager should be saying to Asghar I’ll take the job on the understanding that we can look at the free agent market for a defensive midfielder and whilst looking check what keepers are available. 

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