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1 hour ago, Nelson said:

Andy Murdoch has been our player of the season so far.

Don’t argue with me.

Absolutely brilliant performance today. I thought that was one of his best performances for us.  Two vital clearances at the end of the first half. And, as my wife says, he's a good looking boy.

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14 minutes ago, madton said:

Credit to Ayr, they didn't play that great but were clinical with the few chances they created. Thought we kept Akinyemi quiet, Baird and O'connor managed him well but credit to him, nice finish.

We on the other hand created a couple of clear cut chances but once again failed to take them. Kabia and Muirhead have done nothing this season but unfortunately we have no one to replace them . Need these attacking players in now. If we manage to recruit well, we will be absolutely fine this season as no team has really got the better of us yet but a lack of goal threat is absolutely killing us and the quicker that is rectified the better.



You managed him relatively well, but ultimately he still scored and assisted one. 

Morton will be in the top four if they get a striker in IMO. 

Robbie Crawford is still an excellent football player too. 

As others said, we weren’t at our best but we battled and shithoused - it was beautiful to see. Not many sides will win at Morton this season. 

Andy Murdoch was sensational. 

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I thought today was a pretty good day out. Both sides look to be hugely better than last season. Both sides had chances and we took ours whereas Morton clearly need a striker. We do need to be more clinical, though, as a couple of times it looked as if nobody wanted to pull the trigger when we'd fashioned really good chances 

Really pleased for McKenzie. He's been a workhorse but I've seldom seen a player as delighted at scoring.

Andy Murdoch was special, though. Is there a better midfielder in the league?

What about that referee, though? Completely hopeless would be praise based on that performance.

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7 minutes ago, Buckfast said:


Wasn't sure if it was raining up there or it was the Morton fans salty tears.


Go easy mate. Tough night in Greenock tonight. May have been a high tide with high winds. 

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4 minutes ago, Shibuya said:

Watched the vlogs on YouTube, seemed like a great atmosphere in the shed, fair play to the Morten lads.

The atmosphere in the shed was absolutely shite.

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10 minutes ago, edinburghhonestman said:

Biggest disappointment of the day? Less than 1900 for what was always shaping up to be a really competitive fixture. Shows how much the cost of living shit show is affecting folk.

£22 is a lot for a Championship game. Only £2 more than us, but it just looks like a lot on paper. I reckon there could be close to 3k next week against Partick. Big away support and I’m sure our home support is growing week on week with our performances.

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