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Arbroath 🟣⚪️ vs Patrick Thistle 🔴🟡

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6 minutes ago, third lanark said:

Is their rules regarding players playing for 2 teams in league cup?

Did Hancock not play for Aberdeen against Raith? Playing for Arbroath tonight - but maybe it’s allowed after group stages

You can play in the group stages for a team and then play for another in the knockout stages.

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So on one hand, not a great performance.  However, that was with a seriously depleted squad, and there is hope in there.  Firstly, it wasn't THAT bad.  We looked like a shadow of the team from last season, but you could at least see it.

Secondly, we didnt cave.  We kept our shape and dealt with things.  Jacobs looked better than I've seen him this season, Hancock looked a bit happier.

Thirdly, Dick couldnt bring Hilson or Donnelly on, and was forced to bring on attacking players.

There are positives there!


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A game which could have easily went into extra time - not much between the two teams ( especially in the 2nd half).

Thistle were the better team in the opening 45 mins, but thought Arbroath defended well.

Considering Arbroath were missing key players, I thought they played well in midfield.

Could have scored an equalizer in the last 5 mins, but hit the post and then ball cleared off the lines.

Lawless and Dowds were good for Thistle - game could have went either way (but Arbroath need a striker).

Not a great game, but a hard fought and narrow win for Thistle.

Arbroath will surely have new players in for the weekend and will soon hit a winning run.

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Hancock was very good at left back. That’s the best I’ve seen Stewart play at right back and he did ok at centre back. Jacobs was good. We got 90 minutes from Allan and he started to look influential. Ricky Little marshalled his ragtag defence magnificently. Corte showed flashes.

With Hilson up front supported by Bobby we’ve got no out ball, especially if we insist on high balls. Mikey McKenna not himself - he looked angry, like someone told him to get vaccinated.

Bring in the reinforcements, quick. Maybe we need a defender too now.

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Another disappointing performance from many of our players tonight. I personally thought Hilson played well and ran himself into the ground. 

To add more misery JT looks like he will be struggling for Saturday and Scott Allen looked knackered at the end. 

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