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Dundee vs QP

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8 hours ago, Dundee-FC92 said:

All excited about playing a big team it's rather amusing actually. 


Yeah, noticed they had a team pic taken on the legendery turf when they ran out.😀 Never seen that before.

3 hours ago, BMG Spider said:

Is this the worst ground to watch football in Scotland?


You should be honoured to sit in that Archibald Leitch classic. 

Ungrateful chunt.

3 hours ago, Shadow Play said:

Robinson’s run for the penalty was superb.  

Does the referee not know it is something of a tradition to point at the spot when awarding a penalty?

He had an absolute shocker the whole game, at the pen I thought he was booking Robinson for diving, gave them everything, horrendous tackle on Rudden, and no booking, hope he's ok.

Thank you.

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4 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:


As he should be. We had our chances and if we'd taken them it might've been a different game, but we didn't. 

We were very poor at the back. It was a daft penalty to give away, and even the second goal could've been stopped before he got the opportunity to have the shot.

Still, not the end of the world. Dundee away is the hardest game in this league and we're still 4th in what is a very competitive league.

It'd be silly to get too upset after that today.

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Dundee were definitely the better team today, and anyone who claims otherwise is at it. The first 10/15 minutes or so looked really positive, but we totally fell away after they scored.

My biggest concern is the goals we gave away. Eze had no business going through that boy for the penalty, he should've just let him get the shot away if he couldn't catch up to him because it was a difficult angle.

Kilday, who has been good over the past few games, was absolutely terrible today. He should've been able to shut down that second goal before it even became a chance, despite how good a finish it was.

We really need to sort out that defence. It's alright when we're winning 3-2 or 2-1, but it's clearly not good enough. 

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5 minutes ago, johnnydun said:

The officiating was horrendous today. One of the worst refereeing performances I have ever seen.

Also bumped into Paul McMullan in Tesco.

The referee was definitely poor. Think a couple of Dundee players should've been booked when they weren't, and Eze could've been sent off for us.

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Affy quiet on here from the diddies with the chip on their shoulder. 

Owen Coyle with quite possibly the most deluded post match interview I've seen in ages. I'll have the hard shit he's sniffing thank you.

Williamson seems to be growing in confidence with the more minutes he gets. I was much more impressed with him today. Robinsons goal was probably the best live goal I've seen in long, long time. Outrageous.

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