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Ayr United v Dundee Fri 26 Aug @ 7.45pm (Live on the box)

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I actually like Dundee as a city, but obviously that doesn't translate to its football fans. (as a category. obviously dundeebarry is still king of posters.)

Anyway, I'll be watching this from a Marriott in Dusseldorf, with a KFC in front of me. Perfect Friday night, even if the omens all point to another pumping on camera.

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2 hours ago, Big Gus said:

It's now been covered but unless your list is of absolute bin fires of "stadiums" you should really be happy to be keeping a safe distance from, you'll be fine with some TV coverage.

We've aw been to your shithole

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1 minute ago, Jeff Venom said:

All I know is I've never heard anyone, ever, mention Dens Park as a good away day let alone their favourite. Which is a shame for the second biggest club in Scotland's 4th biggest city. 

That's not even a good attempt at bait tbh.

You better hope your team's efforts are better at attacking Dundee tonight than that FFS.

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26 minutes ago, RawB93 said:

Contrast that with how many people thought traveling to “Err” was a good idea. 

I’d rather not have sausage and chips with Johnny Adair.

Thank you. 

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