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Dumbarton vs Elgin City

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Numerous clubs in the lower leagues offered a stream pre pandemic. I spent many a Saturday unable to attend away games watching a stream of us playing away from home. Some of the ones I can remember off the top of my head are Raith, Falkirk, Dunfermline, Partick, East Fife. I’m sure there were more than a few others as well. The Falkirk stream was 7 quid and I’m fairly sure I’ve watched a couple of Raith ones that were a fiver. 
Do you think I’m talking shite or something? Why the hell would I make that up?

edit to add: all of the above plus a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head offered streams for overseas viewers you could purchase with a one of payment. None of them were ever more expensive than a tenner with the majority a good bit cheaper. This wasn’t even just a recent thing, I’ve been tuning into these streams for years.

Yep I used to do the same and they usually ranged between £5-£8

East Fife and Falkirk and Raith and Alloa were the ones I remember well.

Switch VPN on and pay a one off fee for the game.
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1 minute ago, BallochSonsFan said:

So you watched a couple when we were in the championship.

Majority of teams didn't. 

Wit are you on about. 

I’ve watched plenty when we were in League 1 as well. You asked where these mysterious fiver streams were and I gave you plenty of evidence. Yes I watched more in the Championship because obviously we played with bigger teams there (the likes of Hearts, Dundee Utd, Hibs and ICT also offered streams but I’m sure our first or second year in League 1 there were 3 or 4 teams offering these streams which meant I got to watch a decent whack of away matches I otherwise wouldn’t attend.

Not quite the old firm subscription based service you claimed were the only ones to exist.

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Yeah, loads of clubs have been doing streaming for ages (pre-pandemic).

As for the streaming rules, it’s absolute bullshit. Who’s going not to go watch a game in person because there’s a stream of Dumbarton vs Elgin City.

I mean, apart from me, I probably would’ve bought our game if I’d known in advance…


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3 hours ago, The Moonster said:

The pricing went from £15 a game to £20 a month overnight :lol: 

Falkirks subscription is 15 a month btw.

The pricing structure just doesn’t make sense either - 180 quid for the year or 20 quid for the month - wouldn’t that mean monthly payments work out cheaper? I mean they surely aren’t going to charge £20 for August, it’s the 27th, meaning it would work out at £160 for the season if you pay monthly.

The commentary is superb, of that there is absolutely no doubt, but the quality of the footage really isn’t. I’d use it for convenience more than anything but the price we are charging for a Pixellot stream is mental. I’d assume that money also doesn’t get you access to cup games or any extras either.

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Nothing about the first half was good enough. Carswell has done well with some important blocks but Orsi has played us into trouble too often and the service to Byrne has been terrible. Elgin comfortable and under so little pressure.


Linesman fucked it, but that's no excuse for the first half.

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First half not good but sign of a good team is to come out and turn it around carswell and love where good special mention to Finlay grey ran himself into ground gets better every game fairly good defensively in second half too

Linesman closest to the stand was shockingly bad especially leading up to their goal

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Definitely a game of two halves today. We were off colour and disjointed first half. Looked a different team second half. It was rarely pretty today, very much a grind it out job. Love took his pens really well and put in a fine shift, pleased for him after the stuff he's put up with the last few days. Not a classic by any means but we've played and won when we weren't at our best, came from behind and took the points. Five wins from five.

Crowds look on the up and seeing more replica strips around Dumbarton and the Vale. 

Ref and stand side assistant were shocking for both teams. But the goal we conceded was our own fault for not playing to the whistle.

On to the next one.

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That first half performance was awful all round and we seemed to look completely disjointed. The goal was from a crap decision but us just stopping and putting hands up was worse. About as clear an example of not playing to the whistle that you could see. 

The second half we looked like a completely different side and seemed to be much more confident with the ball. While I hope McKee is fine I actually thought Wilson seemed to do a decent job in the middle of the park as well. 

The officiating in general was dreadful but we got 2 penalties out of it so I can't really complain too much overall.

Really good home crowd as well from what I could see and absolutely deserved considering the run we're on


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Can’t complain about five out of five but why do we sit so deep. We just invited Elgin on to us and we have done the same in most matches so far. The only time we haven’t was against Annan when we kept going for it even although we were ahead. Still it’s nice to come out with a win

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