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Patrick Thistle 🔴🟡 vs Raith Rovers 🔵⚪️

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I think the difference between the teams in this match is thistle will take thier chances, rovers won't. If it doesn't go our way during the match we have little to nothing on the bench to change it around. Hope I'm wrong though.

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1 hour ago, pub car king said:

I'd bench Ross, he has been off the boil recently and I think he will be.more impactive as a sub


And start who? Coulson?

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4 minutes ago, Against The Machine said:

This game is a study in fullbacks. McMillan and Milne have delivered more dangerous crosses from inside the final third than Dick and Millen have had touches in Thistle's half. 

Could easily be a study in how not to track back against a fullback as a midfielder 

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We're being out-thought as much as anything else. It's almost a disappointment for Thistle that their second goal is just a lump that's misread by a defender because they deserve a much more technically accomplished goal 😂 

If you play defenders with <20 senior games, you lose those kind of goals. That's a trade off Murray has chosen this year, we just need to live with it. 

Oh! We've just scored. The first time we've looked remotely dangerous all game. That's a turn-up. 

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