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The Jam Tarts v The Jam Parts - Sunday Showdown

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After a poor start Utd had some decent spells but Hearts look much more threatening when they get around the box.

Watt couldn't finish what looked like a pretty good chance from close range near the end of the half.

Hearts let it slip against Hibs last week. The same could happen again.


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Just now, skinny arab said:

We finally sign a no 10 in McGrath, I wonder if we’ll ever try playing him there. 
Cudjoe been decent but looked a bit shell shocked after his unbelievably soft booking but we need more from Watt. 

Cudjoe definitely has something about him. Well worth sticking with. 

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1 hour ago, DC92 said:

No decent attacking options on the bench. Better hope we have the game won by the hour before Dundee United chuck Fletcher on.

Couldn't ask for a better start. First 20 minutes were good.

I thought at that point we really needed a second goal because this crowd could turn easily. Since then it's been boring and sloppy as f**k. 1-2 full-time written all over it if we don't sharpen up in the second half.

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Just now, Patrick Bateman said:

Jack Ross is a fraud.

What exactly has he done to have such a big reputation in Scotland?

It's baffling.

His pals in the media say he's good so he must be good.

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22 minutes ago, Twinkle said:

Didnt do ourselfs any favours with the early goal but this referee is having a shocker. First 15 mins we were a shambles but the rest of the half hasnt been too bad. I would be sticking Fletcher on

You didn't do yourselves any favours either.

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