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The Tony Macaronis v The Martin Boyle Macaroni munching G & W Army - 13/08

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After the first couple of weeks I thought we just needed a fit Magennis or similar but shows you when they're playing Omeonga in the same role we're playing Joe Newall, and Joe Noubles battering entire defences while Christian Doidge has turned into a ghost. 

Youann and Boyle off a new CF not 14 years old please

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On one hand we've been hard done by not getting a clear penalty but ultimately, there are too many players in this team who are either finished or never going to be good enough. Including two who chucked in soft as f**k goals there.

I ken we scored in Perth with one but the delivery from corners since has been excruciating to watch. 

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14 minutes ago, Zing. said:

Christian Doidge needs fucking punted. He’s finished at this level. Offered nothing since coming on and lost his man for the goal. 

Shows how fuckin crap the squad is that we are relying on him.

Loads of money been spent on random punts and the same rank midfield apart from some boy from Leeds youths who should be playing for Yeovil or some pish. 

Fuckin' Rainbow FC superstar missing a tap in at the end sums up the lot.  

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2 minutes ago, Lyle Lanley said:

Newell is another one that can leave the club please. Does absolutely f**k all each game. 

Newells a shit Josh Vella.  Send him on loan to Edinburgh City with Doidge if they want to stay in Edinburgh so much.  

What happened to the CH Gordon said was close to signing weeks back?  No plan b?

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On the plus side, I had a nice lunch for my mums Birthday (Fishers in Thistle St). Lovely scran, a few glasses of wine and a walk home through in the sun.

As an old boss of mine used to say about travelling to Scotland games - a great day out spoiled by 90 minutes of pish.

We are presently in 6th position in the league, probable final position unless we replace Doidge and get a decent Central Midfielder.

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Lee Johnson is a perma raging wee guy isn't he? Not a clue how Hibs managed to keep 11 on the pitch, the ref was horrific. 

Either way, none of it matters, Livi gonna Livi.

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1 minute ago, Lyle Lanley said:

Wonder if Livi fancy taking Newell and Doidge in exchange for Nouble and Omeonga.

Our guys wont go there as its against their vegan values.

The irony being that both of them are absolutely fucking mince. 

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