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Dundee V Arbroath Fri 12-Aug 7.45.

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I haven't missed us being on the TV on Friday nights, but I'll have to get used to it since we're clearly the box office side in this league 😔

Should be a tough game, but I expect us to win. We still have work to do to improve. Arbroath seem to be loving their nil-nils, so I'm sure this'll be a barnstormer 😬

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We should’ve won yesterday but it’s clear that goals are going to be a problem without big Jack. Hopefully have another striking option in by Friday 


ToB is back so I reckon this’ll be the first start for Mason Hancock at left midfield with Bobby dropping out and coming on as a sub later in game when hopefully games still close 















New Striker 


Not really sure what to expect from Dundee, on paper there’s some good younger players there, think Mulligan looks top drawer, supplemented by the usual and more experienced McGowan/McMullen etc but we have definitely played and took results off better teams in recent seasons 


Can’t really remember us ever putting in a good performance against Dundee however so hopefully that changes 

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I’d take a 0-0 as I just can’t see where are goals are going to come from just now. 

Having TOB back is a big bonus so Hammy should go back out to LB. Means we might see Hancock (who looked more like a wing back than full back yesterday) on the left wing. 

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2 hours ago, 1320Lichtie said:

f**k knows!

Friday night live on the beeb will definitely have an impact though 


Anything less than 700 and it'll be a travesty in the midst of the finest run in your recent history. 

No doubt there will be some complaining about the price as an excuse. Just get yourself on the train and enjoy a day out you fudpieces. 

That is of course until the Dee dispatch with ease. 

Thank you. 

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Dundee will start favourites and are one of the few teams of recent years who Arbroath have struggled against in The Championship - so perhaps an away win is long overdue.

Won't be much between the teams - so expect a close match.

In terms of away support, I would think between 300 - 500 maximum. The match is live on TV and the ticket prices will put a few off from attending.

I will be attending and my mate ( who is a Dundee fan ) will be in the away end to experience what it's like being in the away end with the 'broath.

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40 minutes ago, 1320Lichtie said:

Going by early reactions to pricing on social media I think a lot of people will choose the TV option


I am not arsed and am looking forward to Dens. We are due a decent moment there

Can you explain the issue with the pricing, please?

Thank you. 

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