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Clyde vs Peterhead

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22 hours ago, Stan Mallinson said:

I'm gonna stick up for Lyon here.

That was easily his poorest performance of the 4 I've seen this season, and he's been good or very good in the others.

The disappointments for me have been Rodden, and Cuddihy hasn't yet reached his standard of previous seasons.

Very impressed with what I've seen from the team so far.

I agree - thought he did ok for the most part. On Kennedy, again thought he did ok, particularly going forward but needs to work on his defensive position. As for Rodden, I think some are being a bit harsh. When he came on he had about 10 mins with someone in front of him, before we went down to 10 men. He frequently got given a pass and when he looked down the line there was no out-ball, so he had to turn back or pass infield where it was crowded. 

Cuddihy on the other hand.....looks unfit, looks a little bit disinterested (disappointed he did not get his move maybe?). A couple of players would make all the difference. A full back and a good attacking midfielder perhaps.

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On 06/08/2022 at 18:54, FREDDYFRY said:

The young boy they had as trialist today, no 7,  was a cracking player.


On 06/08/2022 at 19:29, Bullyweeno1 said:

Yeah, thought he looked a good player as well

You'll be delighted to know that he's signed up for the season.

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