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Queens Park v Ayr United

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2 minutes ago, Thereisalight.. said:

Guess we will see McAdams being restored as GK in the next game. The Joy's 

Has he been shite for Ayr? Really liked him when he played for us.

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3 minutes ago, ecocme said:

Yup, sadly. Grim stuff!

I said weeks ago, Bullen, Mathie, Smith all talk a good game but ON the pitch we're no better than we were under the previous 3 managers. I'm an optimist when it comes to Ayr but by fck we are in for a long season 

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Just now, ryanayr1987 said:

I’d get bullen to f**k now and see who we can get in now while the window is open. We won’t though and be down by Christmas 

I'd get him to fck now too. Pretty confident we wont be down by Christmas though. So many shite teams in the league this season 

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We won’t sack him and it’s unlikely we’ll be cut adrift by Christmas. There’s other teams in this league that are having their own mini crisis be it through lack of recruitment or having not much faith in their manager.

The issue with sacking Bullen is that we’ve already seen we aren’t an attractive option for players so why would we be an attractive option for a manger. We’d likely just take another gamble on a first time manager again. I’m genuinely not sure if I’d sack him or not but this is absolutely no better than the likes of Arbroath away or QOTS at home last season under Bullen. He’s got us some good results and there’s been good moments under him but it’s been largely pish so far.

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Really warming to this Bullen fellow… going 2 v 3 in the middle of the park, away from home, against a clearly better team… presumably to get as many of his top-class strikers on the pitch at once, aye?

Gary Caldwell levels of basic incompetence.

Hope you hang onto him, till November at least.

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We’ll sack Bullen between now and October. Give the caretaker job to Moffat. He’ll win a few. We’ll give him a 2/3 year deal. As soon as the pen hits the paper it will go south.

The Cycle of Ayr.

p.s. why do folk insist on clapping utter shite off at half time. unbelievable.

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13 minutes ago, D'Jaffo said:

The recruitment is solely down to Mathie and Bullen. Folk hammer Glendinning constantly but he isn’t ever signing anyone. He gives the information and analysis to the other guys to make a decision.

Bullen will ultimately have final say on whether he’d like that player and I’d imagine Mathie will do all the negotiations. Bullen probably most at fault but tbh it’s not even our new players that’s responsible here. It’s collectively shite and it’s more down to what we’ve not signed compared to what we have signed.

He’s the clubs head of recruitment. I find it difficult to believe he isn’t responsible for identifying some players.

EVEN if you believe the “he just does analysis” thing - maybe his analysis is just pish?

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