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The countdown to Livingston beating Dundee Ushited in the spl

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50 minutes ago, ArabFC said:

The first half was about as entertaining as watching butter melt, in a fridge.

I didn’t even make it through the second.

As far as Euro hangovers go, that was a 27 pinter. Rarely have I ever seen a team less interested in the job at hand.

Special mention must go to McMann who seemed unsure what sport he was playing. Smith on the other side was little better.

Cudjoe was our man of the match. In fact if you were to tot up the match ratings of the rest of the team, he should probably outscore them all put together.

Sadly he couldn’t win the game on his lonesome.

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Do we still have the "From European nights to relegation fights" banner?

After the highs of Thursday night today was disappointingly reminiscent of some of the bleaker performances of last season.

Great hit for the goal, but McMann made an arse of things in the build up to it. On the back of his showing today I'd have Freeman back in at left back if the new guy's work permit isn't sorted by Thursday.

Eta: Cudjo's a player, Niskanen's not.

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26 minutes ago, Cptn Hooch said:

Only gripe I would have is our slight lack of cutting edge... probably should have had 2 or 3 in the end.

If you assume everything you do will go well and the opposite for the other team, then yes.

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Liverpool, Chelsea, man city etc routinely drop points after big European nights - always difficult.

Hopefully it’s not that though and that was the real Utd as the bits I caught were absolutely abject. 

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1 hour ago, Cptn Hooch said:

Only gripe I would have is our slight lack of cutting edge... probably should have had 2 or 3 in the end.

Aye first half especially, took Nouble ripping them to bits and Montano following up with a cracker to get us a goal. Pittman should've made it 2 with a move similar to the one he scored in our play off win up there, and it still annoys me Martindale plays to shitfest a 1-0 win rather than get Anderson on to score more goals, but he'll feel fully justified in doing so with us winning. Delighted with the 3 pts but hope to feck we don't keep playing for these kind of wins, or draws, i want to see us having the balls to attack teams with 2 or 3 attacking players with goals in them. I felt if we had pressed Utd up front we'd have torn them to bits.

Still like what i've seen of Brandon, liked him in the cup games and he injected a lot of energy and closing down in our play when he came on today, good looking player. Omeonga was excellent too, as was Pittman and Holt. That's 2 yellows in a row for Shamal too, he'd better watch with the time wasting in future, can't afford to keep picking up bookings.

Anyways, enjoyed my day out up in Dundee, cheap beer compared to down here, great steak pie, sunny as f**k till into the 2nd half, great goal by Montano, and we leave with all 3 pts. :cheers


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