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Celtic (1994) v The Famous Aberdeen

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Going to be tough for us with so many new players still to gel, we look like we have more upfront than the last 3 or 4 seasons but we did play lower league opposition in the 4 games. Hoping that we have played 4 competitive games compared to Celtic 0 will count on our favour and grind out a 4-0 win.

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I feel Jim’s new look juggernaut doesn’t quite have the momentum yet for this one. 

Celtic will get a 3 point head start in this years title race but will make it even funnier when we wrap the title up at the same venue before the split. 

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1 hour ago, tarapoa said:

These Norwegian diddies won at at Parkheid, so nothing to fear here.


Pretty sure they've lost most of their team from the Celtic game last year.

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Our defensive strength is concerning.

I expect us to score at least once and to create but whether it will be enough for us to take points back up the road will depend on our defensive capabilities. 

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3 hours ago, Clown Job said:

Can’t remember the last time we lost an opening day fixture at home 

Hopefully we do Rylan proud 

Had a quick look and I think it was a 4-3 defeat to Morton in 1950 in the league! Didn't check the league cup

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