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St Johnstone vs Hibernian 30/07/22 - battle of the banter clubs

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5 minutes ago, SJFCtheTeamForMe said:

It's the usual from him though. I've seen it at McDiarmid multiple times even since covid. 

It was an elbow - accidental, but was pretty obvious on the replay.

Didnt merit the triple salco though................

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We look a pale shadow of the team that only just stayed up last season. 

Considine looks absolutely done physically. 

Montgomery looks horrendous defensively save for that one OK tackle at end. 

Hallberg should be our best player but I'm not 100% he was on the pitch. Was Murphy there? I only know Carey was because of the poor corners, albeit inswingers are in theory better than what we usually get. 

We still don't know if there is an SPL striker in Bair, but I sense we will guarantee one never develops if we keep having the only time a team mate be within 50m of him is when he's back in our box defending for no reason. 

Positives? We haven't seen Crawford and Macpherson yet. Not that the replacements have been any better. Just less unlikeable. 

Mitchell didn't look awful. 

If we survive this year it can only be be because another team is somehow worse. 

I think it is telling how awful we look like we are, that everything I have said above is objectively sensible and accurate, yet its impossible to say anything about the first half other than 'we looked ok'. That's because we look so poor that halves of football will have the opportunity to go so much worse, meaning that tripe we just saw was alright by comparison 

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1st half 66% possession, and 5 shots, 231 passes - our stats are basically double what St J have had............however we still feel like a team getting to know each other (which they are).

Lots of promising moves not ending up in the back of the net.

Having said all that, if this is the start of the team gelling, I am pretty happy so far. All out attack is so far removed from Maloneyball !

New LB looks very good as well for his first game.

Fairly sure Davidson will add another to tighten up that midfield at HT.


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3 minutes ago, Leith Green said:

Actually thought he did ok, blocked off Cadden and Melkerson a few times?

I saw him get done about 3 times in the opening 15 mins. I thought the stop on cadden was more Caddens doing. Made the slide tackle at the end, and looks better going forward than Booth with ever manage. Not sure where it leaves Gallacher if he's ever fit. 

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Looked like he was getting sent off from the first minute. Would need to see a better angle, but from the East Stand it looked like a stick on. No intent to play the ball whatsoever, just wanted to nail Porteous

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3 minutes ago, Lyle Lanley said:

The time wasting by St.Johnstone is pathetic. 

Do you blame us? We’re set up to draw every game 0-0 regardless of how many players are on the pitch. Having a man sent off just gives an excuse 

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