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QoS vs Clyde

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Clyde comfortably the better side. Miles ahead of QoS here and we are lucky it's only 2-1. Pressing every ball and confident on the ball.

On the other hand, good to see certain Clyde fans behaving like complete fuckwits as usual. The fanny that got kicked out was more entertainment than our first half showing.

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Clyde well worth their lead. Their no. 7 running the show. As soon as they sussed we couldn't win anything in the air up front they forced us to go high and long, lapping it up. We're defensively suspect too, obviously, nothing changed there and running through our midfield. All in all poor after the first 20 seconds. 

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Came onto a great performance after a shocking start. We're still very susceptible to balls in behind our defence, particularly down the left hand side. Peter Grant has been shakey but McLean fantastic.

Queens players seemed a bit shocked once we got our pressing sorted and started charging forward with the ball. I assumed they'll tighten up in the second half and play their way back into it.

A couple of cracking goals for us though.

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Hoping those two start at the back for Clyde. Grant wins everything in the air any time he visits Palmerston but with our system (when it's working) of fast passing and pace on the break, I think it could potentially be very damaging with their lack of pace. 

Sadly our tactics have been to play right into the hands of said two. If someone with no particular insight into football tactics knows that these two would win absolutely everything in the air, how on earth can our side/manager not know?

Tempo really needs upped in the second half. Far too easy for Clyde and their backline.
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Made the trip down from Edinburgh for the start of the new season, more in hope than expectation, as usual. Even with lowish expectations, that was a dreadful first half performance. Clyde have absolutely bossed this game and should be 3 or 4-1 up at the interval. Hard to say anything positive about Queens, from the diminutive attack that we keep pumping speculative long balls up to, the ineffective midfield to the slow and immobile defence that the Clyde attack seem have the beating off every time they come forward. I thought D. McKay and McKenna in particular had very poor halves. I’m working on the assumption that things can’t get much worse in the second half, only because the first half performance set such a low standard that the only way is up. Might be a tad optimistic.

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3 minutes ago, Ignoramus said:

Did we move Lyon to LB after the early sub?

No, Kennedy at leftback. Doing a pretty good job so far though hasn't had too much defending to do.

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3-1 Clyde now.

We started the season with a little optimism and lost at home to Annan.

Regained a little optimism going into this and bang it's gone again.

It's what we do. 

Edit to add and a red card now too. Classic. 

Further edit to say we squandered a penalty at 2-1. Deary me.


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Probably because I support Clyde I think this but betting on your own team is madness, double rage when they burst your coupon on top of a bad result. 

I've found myself betting against us regularly in recent times. Easy money and takes the sting out of a defeat somewhat.
They're good for something. The useless c***s.600f8f1699cd255fda5b385898c850fb.jpg
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