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🦄 Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 v 🇮🇪 Ireland 🍀 - 24th September

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33 minutes ago, Monkey Tennis said:

I think there's often a bit of a tendency among sections.  I think, for instance, that you probably read more chauvinistic rubbish on the TA boards on here, than in most other parts of the site.  

The fact it was this opponent probably played a part, as did the kick off time on a Saturday, which is probably the biggest single factor.  

Scotland fans are definitely decent sorts in the main.  However, there are elements capable of behaving like total dicks.  It sounds like last night, they did.

Funnily enough, it often seems to be the case that the proper tinfoil hat-wearing oddballs on this site have ‘Scotland’ as their chosen team. Which used to signify they were too embarrassed to admit they were Sevco fans (back in the Banter Years) but now signifies that they’re simply lunatics. 

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I was in the South Upper and I didn’t see or hear any sectarianism either.
Same here.
We had a wee row of Irish fans (flags and green suits etc) behind us, and we were just joking with them and talking about the game - couldn't have been more convivial.
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On a lighter note. I was on a bus going back into the centre and it had come to a standstill. A guy wearing a green Scotland goalie top had his back to the window. A drunk Scotland fan eating a  chippy came up the to window and banged it. Pointing to the guy in the goalie top, he comes out with: “A shite Northern Ireland. You’re just a shite Northern Ireland”. Much amusement ensued. 


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15 minutes ago, Scary Bear said:

I’ve never heard or seen any of this sort of stuff in the South Stand. Is that the old man’s stand?

I was in the South upper for the Ukraine game and it certainly had a ‘family stand’ feel to it, great view though. Sad hearing that some of our players were booed. I guess every teams’ support has their fuckwit element.

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28 minutes ago, accies1874 said:
51 minutes ago, Scary Bear said:
What stand was this anti-social behaviour happening in?

I was in the North Stand in the section pretty much right next to the West.

I was in the North Stand as well, near the divide between that and the West Stand.

I heard the booing ( though I thought it seemed more generic rather than targeted at any player, though McClean did get booed taking the corner), singing about England going down, but I didn’t hear the sectarian stuff about Bobby Sands or the Billy Boys - it might be if you were further back than me, but I don’t think it was that widespread across the stand. 

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1 hour ago, craigkillie said:

What does the Celtic board have to do with a Scotland v Ireland game? Maybe you could take a day off from being angry at everything?

Sorry min, yet again my fonked up brain is angry at everything, just ignore me for the next few days. I will be in "Everything Is Awesome" mode soon. Will still be annoyed at the arse cheeks boards though, 'cos that is my resting bitch face mode.

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1 hour ago, Iain said:

To be fair, this sounds like me shouting at the telly. 😳

I saw my neighbours over the fence today, lovely people but they are not into their football. They mentioned that they were able to follow how the game was going because of the noise coming from my house. I should add, I’m home alone. Wife and weans are away for the weekend. I would like to blame alcohol but that’s being a tad unfair to alcohol. If Scotland get much better I may have to move.

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13 minutes ago, V.Aye.R said:

Not surprised folk were acting like aršeholes, boys in front of us doing lines and boozing the entire game. 

These guys aren't interested in football at all. Just there to get wrecked. 

Sounds superb tbf.

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4 minutes ago, Center half said:

My only comment on last nights experience is ! Who the f**k thinks it is sensible to allow drunken football fans loose on electric bikes to head back into the centre? How some c**t did not killed i will never Know!

Was that the same fans cycling down Cathcart Road after the game?

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2 hours ago, gannonball said:

I was hoping someone was going to bring this up on here as didn’t fancy doing it myself. Some of the claims on twitter are quite dreadful. I will only go off what I had seen on tv  but I was surprised the irish national anthem was booed as I can only ever remember the GSTQ ever getting properly booed, Mclean getting booed was a strange one. Tartan Army went a bit gammon last night by the sounds of it.

I was still stuck outside the ground when the anthems were played but that’s very disappointing to hear that we booed their anthem. When I was over in Dublin for the away fixture I was in the home end and most of the fans round about me sang ( or tried to sing ) both anthems. 

I did witness the booing of James McLean which I did think was a bit cringey . All in all quite a gammon element to our support last night maybe it does show that the biggest percentage of club fans following Scotland is Rangers?

 That said I was delighted to get the win, and revenge for the June game. I thought we were well worthy of the 3 points- Ireland were very cynical throughout and on another day could have been down to 10 or 9 men.

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