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Tapatalk - Temporarily Disabled

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I was working normally with 73% spam, I guess it's still good enough and suddenly I got this notification:

You have been disabled

Based on your recent work, we have noticed that the quality is not in line with Task owner's expectations and guidelines. You have been removed from the HIT App.

Why this happened? and it is permanently or temporarily?
how many lives left for me on UHRS with that warning? I will be banned next time from UHRS?



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I used to use the P&B app, then switched to Tapatalk when the app was no longer in use. I browse and post far more when using an app rather than the website. I feel like I’ve went backwards in time using a browser to read a forum. Hopefully something can be done! What’s the actual issue with Tapatalk anyway?

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4 hours ago, die hard doonhamer said:

I haven’t used an app since the bespoke one disappeared. The mobile site with safari works perfectly fine… until it stops loading. 

Been locked out for a few hours. I just use Chrome on my phone and the website usually works great.

Last few weeks though the whole thing has gone to hell in a hand basket.

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Yeah we've had a lot of performance issues over the last week, which has been hard to nail down,  but we're getting there.

Tapatalk is back running again.

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