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The General Ross County Chat Thread

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9 hours ago, BuieCounty said:

Please just go away, if you are that passionate about racism go and campaign about it on the streets. Being a keyboard warrior on a football forum is not going to stop racism. Move on from 2014.....its tiresome.

Back to the football.....🙏


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8 hours ago, Sensible Soccer🏴 said:

For those wanting to watch this friendly against Brora Rangers in the comfort of their own home, the match is available online for £8.



They have taken my £8 ( bank confirms) but  their website won't display the video, when I click on watch event  it just cycles back to buy now....


I have used the contact link to ask for support, nothing....

I have emailed core, no response so I'm £8 down and can't watch the game, is anyone else managing to watch it?

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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, Rcfc fan said:

Brora rangers away is our first friendly tonight 7:30 ko , should be an interesting spectacle , wonder if we will have any trialists

We're 0-2 up, Kareem & D Samuel according to our Twitter feed.



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Passable run out, 20+ players used. Four goals but Purrington had a mare for the Brora consolation (which was a cracker).

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Just now, Sensible Soccer🏴 said:


Were the new strips on show? Today's the launch date of them anyway I think.

I think we were wearing last season's still. The camera wasn't amazing.

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It was last seasons kit we wore. I think Olaigbe and Edwards looked good. Sims had some good moments in the first half too. Dhanda has a bit about him. I do think we're light at centre half still. 

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Sorry boys, that home kit is an absolute stinker. The fact it’s predominantly red is not what you want for a County strip. 

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