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Scottish cup draw

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On 21/10/2022 at 22:51, PossilYM said:

Obviously a gap there between the top of Tier 4 and the Wosfl.

You need a degree of luck regarding opposition during a cup run.

Not teams two levels above that are looking to win their league.

That seven game winning run flattered us a bit. As subsequent games have shown.

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Good luck to all the WOSFL teams today and Monday and the same to all team's in tier 5 and below playing in the Scottish cup this weekend.
Seriously hard draws for the WOSFL but think there can be a few shocks on the cards


Drumchapel United    Vs    FC Edinburgh

Montrose                       Vs    Darvel

Raith Rovers                 Vs    Auchinleck Talbot

Ayr United                     Vs    Pollok FC   (monday)


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Fantastic to have at least 2 teams from the WOSFL into Round 4 of the Scottish Cup

Congratulations to Both Drumchapel and Darvel into Round 4 draw with the big boys, commiserations to Auchinleck Talbot.

Waiting on the Pollok game Monday night and I'll be rooting for them


Scottish Cup - Round 3

Drumchapel United     1    FC Edinburgh                      0

Montrose                       2    Darvel                                   5

Raith Rovers                 3    Auchinleck Talbot              0

Ayr United                     Vs    Pollok FC   (monday)

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